Imagine a future in which you age, but without the diseases your parents got.  A future in which it doesn’t hurt to grow old.

At UNITY, we design therapeutics that prevent, halt, or reverse numerous diseases of aging. Our medicines are designed to lengthen healthspan, the amount of time you live in good health.


When the world’s over-60 population doubles to two billion in 2050, one in four humans will be old.1 Historically, old age has meant arthritis, heart disease, kidney failure, loss of eyesight, and loss of hearing.  We’ve discovered that many of these afflictions share a root cause, and we’re targeting those biological mechanisms. Our medicines could make many debilitating consequences of aging as uncommon as polio.

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Our initial focus at UNITY is on clearing senescent cells.

Cellular senescence is a biological “emergency brake” cells use to stop dividing.  It’s an important anti-tumor mechanism, because it prevents cells from multiplying out of control. But after this “brake” has been pulled, senescent cells remain in the body, accumulating with age. And unlike normal cells, these cells secrete molecules that harm neighboring cells and cause inflammation. Sometimes called inflammaging, this inflammation drives many age-related diseases, including osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis.

UNITY has demonstrated in animal models that clearing senescent cells extends both healthspan and lifespan. Imagine what that could mean for each of us.


At UNITY, we are creating senolytic medicines. These medicines target vulnerabilities unique to senescent cells, allowing us to clear them from the human body while leaving normal cells unaffected. We’ve shown that removing senescent cells from animals reverses or prevents a wide range of diseases, including osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, eye diseases, and kidney diseases. We envision a future in which these diseases no longer affect people’s daily lives as they get older — a future in which people stay healthy and mobile long into old age.


Members of UNITY’s management team have collectively moved 91 therapeutic candidates into human clinical trials and are responsible for the creation of 13 FDA-approved medicines. Armed with a best-in-class IP estate, we are now making senolytic medicines a reality and changing what it means to age.



We are located in the South San Francisco area and are looking to hire talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in one of our open positions, please send your resume and cover letter to