Senior Manager / Associate Director of Discovery and Development Program Management Scientist, Research Informatics


We are seeking to hire a Research Associate to join the pharmacology group at Unity. This position will afford the successful individual an opportunity to discover clinical candidates for an emerging and exciting biology and the potential to translate our science into a pipeline of differentiated medicines. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, detail oriented, and possess a diverse technical skill set.  At Unity, this experience will be applied towards the successful discovery of novel small molecules for the selective elimination of senescent cells in diseases associated with aging.

The successful candidate will be both a strong individual contributor and a team player with responsibilities that are primarily lab-based. The duties of the job include: RNA and protein isolation from tissue samples, processing of samples for quantification, assay development,  optimization, and automation.


  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree with >3 years of scientific/pharmaceutical industry experience
  • Degree in cellular biology, molecular biology, or a related field is desirable.
  • Experience with quantitative PCR, digital PCR, ELISA, Nucleic acid isolation, western blotting.
  • Experience with HTS and Automation.
  • Excellent communication (written, verbal, data recording) and organizational skills.

Please send resume and cover letter