Shipping and Receiving Clerk Director Toxicology

BRIS 2.003

Unity Biotechnology is located just South of San Francisco in Brisbane, California. We are developing medicines to treat chronic diseases associated with aging and conducting cutting edge research on cellular senescence and its implications in human health and longevity.

We are looking for a Research Associate to join the Cellular Biology Group which bridges basic and translational research to discover and move candidate therapeutics through the pipeline for different medicines and clinical indications. The successful candidate should be highly motivated and have experience with mammalian cell culture, cell-based models of disease, and running/developing cellular and/or biochemical screening assays.

The successful candidate will be a strong member of a small team with both individual and group responsibilities. The position is strongly lab-based with the individual responsible for experimental design, execution, analysis, as well as written and oral presentation of results. Meticulous record keeping is a must, as the position will involve production, analysis, and curation of large data sets critical to discovery and optimization of novel senolytic molecules. We are looking for the intelligent, friendly, hard-working individual who can contribute to and grow with the programs and company.



  • Bachelor’s degree with 3 to 5 or Master’s degree with 0-2 years of scientific experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Degree in cellular biology or related field (molecular or chemical biology; pharmacology; biochemistry; biophysics etc.)
  • Direct experience with culture of mammalian primary cells from multiple tissues of origin.
  • Experience with small molecule or genetic screens and microplate assays.
  • Critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills and a willingness execute routine tasks as well as learn techniques.
  • Good work ethic and collaborative attitude to achieve technical and corporate goals.
  • Working knowledge of the following: SDS-PAGE, western blotting, qPCR, RNAi.
  • Experience with liquid handling devices and laboratory automation for high throughput screening is highly desired, but not required
  • Experience with bioinformatics and data management a plus

Please send resume and cover letter