(Senior) Director, Pharmacometrics, Quantitative Pharmacology, and Modeling & Simulation Senior Scientist, In Vitro Pharmacology


We are seeking to hire a Research Associate or Senior Research Associate in vivo pharmacology. This position will afford the successful individual an opportunity to create clinical candidates for an emerging and exciting biology and to translate that into a pipeline of differentiated medicines. The successful candidate should be highly innovative and creative and have experience in conducting in vivo models of disease to evaluate therapeutic interventions. The successful candidate will be both a strong individual contributor and a team player with responsibilities that are primarily lab-based. The research associate in this role will evaluate the efficacy of compounds in in vivo animal models. The duties of the job include experimental design and execution, analysis and interpretation of data, and presentation (verbal/written) of findings to the Discovery team. The candidate will have an important role in the generation of key datasets that are critical for the declaration of development candidates. The successful applicant will also contribute to keeping the lab in compliance with animal services requirements.


  • Master’s degree with 2 years of scientific experience or Bachelor’s degree with 2 years of scientific experience in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Degree in cellular biology or a related field is desirable
  • Technical expertise in handling rats and mice
  • Strong experience and interest in developing new animals models of human disease
  • Experience with immunohistochemistry, PCR, quantitative PCR, SDS-PAGE, western blotting, and immunostaining
  • Knowledge on flow cytometry is desirable
  • Creativity and the ability to work within an interdisciplinary team in order to achieve technical and corporate milestones
  • Communication (written, verbal, data recording) and organizational skills are highly recommended

Please send a resume and cover letter to careers@unitybiotechnology.com.

Please send resume and cover letter